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Bert Annevelink

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Bert has been working as senior scientist at the research institute WFBR in Wageningen since 2006, and before that he worked at IMAG, since 1986. He holds an MSc Degree in Forestry from Wageningen Agricultural University, and a PhD in Agricultural Mathematics/Operational Research also from Wageningen Agricultural University. His main field of interest is logistics, production planning and scheduling. Since 1996 he has applied his knowledge on these topics to the field of bioenergy and biorefinery research. This has resulted in contributions to several simulation and optimization models on biomass logistics. Managing bioenergy and biorefinery related research at Wageningen UR has been an important aspect of his work. Examples are BIOPOL and StarColibri. Recently he was involved in the FP7 S2Biom project as leader of the work package on the logistic organisation of lignocellulosic biomass feedstocks. He was coordinator at Wageningen UR of the theme Circular & biobased Economy from 2017-2018. At the moment he is WP-leader in the EU-project AGROinLOG, and involved in the EU-projects BECOOL and MAGIC. In all these projects he is working on designing and optimizing biomass value chains. Finally Bert is Task Leader of the IEA Bioenergy Task42 Biorefining in a Circular Economy.

Industrial symbiosis and biorefineries in a circular economy

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