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Manuel Schwabl

BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies

Manuel Schwabl is part of the Area Management of Area 1 at BEST in the field of fixed bed conversion systems. He started in 2007 with investigations on straw combustion in a 12 kW boiler system and the surveyed the challenges posed by emissions and corrosiveness. In later projects he investigated the interaction of small scale combustion systems with secondary emission abatement technologies (metal mesh filter, electrostatic precipitator, catalysts). 2015 he took over the responsibility of the Unit Emission Technology and Research at BEST, which focuses on the investigation of user impact, emission release formation mechanisms and zero emission technologies. Recently, Manuel Schwabl together with Elisabeth Wopienka jointly lead the Area 1 – Fixed Bed Conversion Systems. He is member and co-founder of the platform biomass and air quality in Austria, which was established to bring industry, public authorities and science from different fields (health, technology, air chemistry,…) together and develop measures and projects for combining sustainable energy provision by bioenergy while taking into consideration air quality.

Biomass and renewable heat

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