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Morten Tony Hansen

Ea Energy Analyses

Morten Tony Hansen is employed with Ea Energy Analyses, a Danish consulting company that provides analyses and mathematical models of energy systems and measures based on a technical, economic and environmental approach.

Morten is a specialist in energy technology based on renewable sources: wood, straw and other fuels and holds all round experience in the technical, environmental and economical analyses within thermal conversion of solid biomass. Morten is experienced with applied research, development, consultancy and dissemination of technical knowledge within a broad range of technical fields in the energy sector. He holds special knowledge on wood for energy, biomass for energy and industry, energy planning, renewable energy sources, energy conservation and efficiency and environmental evaluation of bioenergy systems. Morten holds experience with project management. Morten is special consultant to the Danish EPA and the Danish Energy Agency in biomass energy strategy development and in market development. Morten is Task Leader of IEA Bioenergy Task 32.

Biomass and renewable heat

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