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Thomas Nussbaumer

Verenum/ Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Prof Dr. Thomas Nussbaumer made a diploma in process engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in 1984 followed by a doctor and a habilitation on the topic of biomass combustion. He is the founder and owner of Verenum AG, an engineering company providing R&D and consultancy in biomass combustion since 1990. Since 2007, he additionally holds a position as professor and head of bioenergy research at the Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture. His main topics are pollutant formation and emission reduction in biomass combustion with focus on NOx, particulate matter (PM 10) and organic pollutants. He is responsible for developments on primary measures for NOx reduction and particle reduction implemented in modern automatic biomass combustion plants. Further topics are health effects of combustion aerosols, advanced process control, combustion modelling, flue gas cleaning, combined heat and power production (CHP), district heating systems and systems integration.

Biomass and renewable heat

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