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Alexander Krautz

Next Kraftwerke

Alexander Krautz is Head of Business Development at Next Kraftwerke. Joining the company in 2014, he is now responsible for development of business cases based on analyzing and evaluating regulatory frameworks as well as market potentials of new technologies. Key subjects of his work are digital and aggregation energy business, VPP Services and sustainable energy products. Alexander Krautz holds a degree in geography from the University of Bonn. Previously, he worked at the German biomass research center and was a consultant for the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, where he worked on the development of the Renewable Energy Act. With a professional background in policy consultancy and energy research, Alexander Krautz takes care of Next Kraftwerke’s relations to political institutions and coordinates the national and international research and innovation projects for establishing a sustainable power production worldwide. Furthermore, he is Director of Next Kraftwerke Toshiba Corporation since 2021.

Bioenergy’s contribution to low-carbon energy systems

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