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Bioenergy in the energy system

Tuesday, 7 December 2021

2:00 - 4:00 pm UTC

Bioenergy’s contribution to low-carbon energy systems

Bioenergy systems can provide multiple services and benefits to a low-carbon energy system.

Examples include technologies and concepts providing grid stability for a power system with large amounts of variable wind and solar energy; dispatchable production of energy and other products according to market demand; integrated poly-generation systems combining the production of heat, power, fuels and/or chemicals; long-term storage options such as biofuels and biochemicals; or ancillary services to support system reliability. Moreover, bioenergy can be combined with carbon capture and storage or utilisation (CCUS) providing opportunities for net negative emissions.

This session will look into technical options, expectations and success factors, as well as exemplary cases providing flexibility or negative emissions.

Elina Mäki, Research Scientist, VTT, Finland


Expectation from energy system transition on bioenergy
Ilkka Hannula, Senior Energy Analyst, IEA International Energy Agency, France

Bioenergy options to serve renewable energy system
Tilman Schildhauer, Senior Scientist, Thermochemical Processes, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

Virtual power plant with bioenergy
Alexander Krautz, Head of Business Development, Next Kraftwerke, Germany

ADM CCS Projects Experience
Scott McDonald, Director of Biofuels Development, ADM Archer Daniels Midland, United States

Bioenergy in a well below 2 degree world: expectations and success factors for long-term evolution
Daniela Thrän, Senior Scientist, Bioenergy and Bioeconomics, DBFZ German Biomass Research Centre, Germany

(more speakers to be announced)

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Ask for more info about the Session

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