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Andrew Minchener

International Centre for Sustainable Carbon

Dr Andrew Minchener is a versatile, successful manager and expert within the industrial energy and environmental sector. He combines an extensive level of strategic, policy/regulatory related and operational management experience with specific expertise in collaborative project management/leadership, contract R&D, technical assistance, policy/institutional/regulatory analysis, techno/socio-economic analysis, training/capacity building, knowledge transfer and international business development. He has some 45 years experience in fossil fuel and biomass/waste utilisation, systems development, energy and environmental consultancy, and contract research and development, with particular emphasis on clean coal and CCS issues. He has undertaken numerous overseas assignments, including over one hundred and eighty missions to the People’s Republic of China and a further thirty to Eastern Europe. With effect from July 2013, he became the General Manager of the International Centre for Sustainable Carbon (formerly the IEA Clean Coal Centre), being responsible for all activities, with special emphasis on maintaining a strong international profile for all aspects of sustainable carbon utilization. Further information on the scope of work can be found on

Long term markets for biomass and biofuels

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