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Christiane Hennig

DBFZ German Biomass Research Centre

Christiane Hennig is a senior research associate in the department of biomass in the energy system at the German Biomass Research Centre DBFZ since 2008. Here she is engaged in research projects in the fields of energy transition and strategies promoting the use of biomass towards a circular bioeconomy and low carbon society. Before she worked for the International Network for Environmental Management and was responsible for the area sustainability and life cycle assessment. Her background is in Environmental Management and Policy from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics IIIEE Sweden.

Within the IEA Bioenergy TCP she is a member of IEA Bioenergy Task 44 on flexible bioenergy and system integration and is co-task leader of IEA Bioenergy Task 40 on deployment of biobased value chains.

 Bioenergy’s contribution to low-carbon energy systems

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