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Daniel Roberts


Daniel leads CSIRO’s Energy Technologies Research Program, a multidisciplinary portfolio of research, development, and demonstration activities in areas related to hydrogen, solar, energy storage, CO2 capture and use, bioenergy, and supporting modelling and engagement work. The Program focuses on bringing quality science and technologies to supporting the transition to net-zero emissions.

Daniel has worked in a range of different roles in CSIRO – most recently as the lead of the Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform. Prior to the FSP role, Daniel led the High Efficiency Thermal and Electrochemical Technologies research group within CSIRO Energy. He continues to play a senior role in CSIRO’s research activities in the area of gasification for hydrogen production, as well as thermochemical pathways for bioenergy production from biomass and waste. Daniel has more than 25 years’ experience in the study of the fundamentals of gasification and combustion and their application to industrial scale systems. He has a background in environmental chemistry (Macquarie University) and chemical engineering (the University of Newcastle).

Waste and residue valorisation in a circular economy 

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