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Jitka Hrbek

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Dr. Jitka Hrbek graduated with her doctorate from Vienna University of Technology and worked at the Institute of Chemical Engineering for 17 years in the field of thermochemical conversion processes of biomass and waste, particularly gasification and combustion. In 2019 she moved to University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, where she has continued her research in the same field, focusing also on synergy of gasification with other different technologies (PV, wind power, HTC, etc.) for maximal output and efficiency.

She represents Austria in the IEA Bioenergy Task 33 since 2010 and since 2019 she is also as a Task Co-leader active. Furthermore, Jitka Hrbek is a member of scientific boards by different conferences as well as by EBA, working group “Thermal gasification”.

Waste and residue valorisation in a circular economy 

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